by Tiana Feng

FEVERS released their debut No Room For Light this week. Ride the Tempo got in touch with the band to discuss its making.

Where did the name FEVERS come from? How did you guys become FEVERS?

As most bands can probably attest to, naming a band is a ridiculous and frustrating process! We did go through our fair share of names before settling on FEVERS – we figured it embraced the sound we were trying to achieve – a somewhat infectious pop sound with darker lyrical themes.

 No Room For Light has both electro-pop and more alternative moments. What are your influences behind these sounds?

I think from the inception of the band we wanted to do something a little outside our comfort zone – none of us had really been in an electronic-based music outfit before, but we had all been into dance and pop music. We wanted to take that electro-pop influence and apply it to more of an indie-rock song-writing structure – it’s not always as simple as that, but that’s a basic approach. We don’t really have any rules in terms of how a song will evolve either – we experiment a lot, and see what works and what doesn’t. In the end we try and do what’s best for the song, not because it fits some sort of rigid structure that we’ve set for ourselves. So I think that’s why the album ended up so varied in terms of its sound.

How did you meet or decide to work with Laurence Currie? What was it like working with him?

It was actually as simple as sending him an email – we sent him the demos we had been working on, and our previous EP – and I guess he must have heard something he saw potential in. I won’t speak on his behalf, but I think the fact that we have a sound that is a little more dancier or electronic than your average indie band peaked his interest – and the most important thing was that he really believed in the songs. We then had an initial meeting with him in Toronto, and we hit if off straight away. He’s a super nice guy, and has no ego whatsoever – despite his pedigree. It was a fantastic experience having him involved all the way from pre-production to the final mix – it meant we were all super focused on the same goal, and we really had no outside pressures or interruptions. We’re so happy we worked with him, and are so proud of the result.

You guys are from Ottawa, what’s the music scene like there as an indie band?

I don’t think Ottawa’s music scene gets a lot of attention – which I suppose makes sense. We’re caught in this weird spot between Montreal and Toronto, where most labels and industry folk are. I think most of Ottawa’s successful bands end up moving to either of those cities to make it, and so this has an obvious affect on the city and the scene. Honestly, we’re hoping to buck this trend, and see if we can be a tiny force in helping Ottawa’s scene grow – there’s such a great, supportive arts community here – and it’s just waiting to be tapped into. I’m not saying we’re going to be the deciding factor in getting Ottawa on the music map – but if smaller bands like us decide to stay in Ottawa, then we’ll all be better off for it.

What’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever played (anywhere) or the weirdest thing to happen at a gig?

Weirdest gig – hands down it would be playing under a Water Tower in Sudbury last year. It was a pretty surreal experience, but so much fun. One day we want to do a Water Tower tour of Canada – it’d be awesome, right?!

 How was the 24 hour Fever? 

It was great – we just wanted to do something a little different. We could have just done the one show, and it would have been fun – but we really wanted to stretch ourselves. We put a lot of work into the album, so we wanted to do the same for our album release party.

Any last thoughts, awesome news coming in the future? (besides the album’s release of course)

We’ll have a video coming out for ‘Pray For Sound‘ very soon – stay tuned! And we’ll be playing a bunch of shows this year – keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for tour date announcements.

Tour Dates
8/30/2013 – North Bay, ON – Raven & Republic
8/31/2013 – Sudbury, ON – The Townehouse
9/3/2013 – Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe
9/4/2013 – Oshawa, ON – The Atria
9/5/2013 – Waterloo, ON – Maxwell’s
9/6/2013 – Barrie, ON – The Foxx Lounge