[Album Review] Still Life Still- Mourning Trance
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by Tiana Feng


Label: Arts & Crafts
Release Date: August 20th, 2013

4 years have passed since Toronto quintet Still Life Still released Girls Come Too. That 2009 release seemed quite juvenile compared to their newly released Mourning Trance. It shows how the death of family or friends can instantly age a person. They’re no longer the band that sings of bodily subjects and gross subjects for shock value.

Despite the heavier subject matter, there are still melodic hooks, glistening vocal melodies and jangly guitars. Take the title track’s “I don’t wanna see it when I wake up,” for example.  The single “In Enemies” can double as a song  consoling someone in mourning or luring a female friend reinforcing, “I’ll make you sure of everything.” A few of these songs can double in subject matter this way (“Werewolves”, “Deer Hologram”). The band’s no longer so explicit with what they’re singing about, which in comparison to Girls Come Too is a positive revelation. “Hanging With Our Family” ends the album with an organ accompanied tribute to those they have lost.