[Album Review] Dinosaur Bones- Shaky Dream
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: August 6th, 2013
Label: Dine Alone Records

For the follow up to 2011’s My Divider, Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones went down to Texas and worked with John Cogleton (The Walkmen, Modest Mouse). The result was Shaky Dream, with a fuzzy and dreamy feel.

It’s not miles different from My Divider, but I don’t think they wanted it to be. The quality of production is improved though. Instruments are fuzzy without being distorted or inaudible. It’s also more exploratory, delving into post-rock territory (“Nothing Left Between the Lines”, “Pacifists in Camouflage”).

The band swims in uncertainty in the lyrics. Opening track “Dreamer’s Song” sings, “How did we wind up, where we belong?”  The anxiety is mirrored in the music, intentionally not going any further than it could at times (“Spins in Circles”, “So Brand New”). They purposely linger on this confusion, “Don’t choose, no don’t decide” (“Don’t Decide”). At the same time there are undeniably hooks, especially in the looming “Career Criminal” and the single “Sleepsick”.

“End of Life Crisis” ends things on a dark and depressing note, alluding to death as a way to end all problems. “Find me a hole, and call it my own.”

  • Haha, the band actually corrected me on that last line and it is actually “Find me a home, and call it my own”, so not as depressing as I thought!