[Album Review] Jay Arner- Jay Arner
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: June 15th, 2013
Label: Mint Records

From what I gathered, Jay Arner’s self-titled debut was written, performed, produced and recorded by Jay Arner himself. The result was something that has a retro not-quite-in-the-present feeling.

Maybe it’s the synths that add an 80s New Order feel (“Surf Don’t Sink) or the Beach Boys-esque surf rock tunes (“Midnight on South Granville”). Oh and not to forget the late 70’s Bowie references in “Broken Glass.”

The album cover that displays Arner sort of naked is a visual representation of the album. No longer is he hiding behind other bands (International Falls, Fine Mist, Bleating Hearts) but he is revealing his full self in the music and the lyrics of his debut. He continuously sings “Waiting to be found….” in “Broken Glass” and “Out to Lunch” ponders about letting too much time pass by.

None of the tunes are particularly memorable but at the same time there is nothing to dislike about Arner. In the end, he comes off quite charming.