[Album Review] Poor Young Things- The Heart. The Head. The End
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: May 21st, 2013
Label: Bumstead

“When did you become a hipster paint by numbers?” Poor Young Things ask in the opening number of their latest LP The Heart. The Head. The End. The Thunder Bay turned Toronto rockers followed up 2012 EP Let it Sleep.

Reuniting with producer Jon Drew (who also works with The Arkells), the band delivered something that wasn’t overly produced and captured the live energy of their guitar-driven rock and roll. It makes sense they would do this considering they play a plethora of live shows in the US and Canada, especially Toronto. Their shows in Toronto are always filled with fans.

The anthemic tunes of The Heart. The Head. The End. Work well for the concert stage with the majority of the tunes delving with cliché subjects of love and trying to get by as a musician. As a record, the continuously fast tunes can get exhausting. It’s not until the final “Ghost Notes” (side note: there are two bonus tracks “Trophy Kids” and “Fire” in the deluxe iTunes version) that we get a change of pace. For some reason on Amazon “Ghost Notes” is marked as explicit, though I couldn’t really find what was inappropriate about it.

At 3:07, the song appears to have ended but then the band culminates the album with repetitions of the title. A final “The End” is proclaimed and pedalled guitars gradually fade like ghosts.