[Album Review] Ladyfrnd- Ladyfrnd
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by Tiana Feng
Ladyfrnd - Ladyfrnd (cover art)


Release Date: July 15th, 2013
Label: Hybridity

Peter Ricq (half of HUMANS) and Yuki Holland united in the form of Ladyfrnd. Their debut LP melds minimalistic electronics that edges on hollow, and Holland’s ethereal vocals.

“Un Petit Message” introduces the album with a hint of vintage mystery (like Lana Del Rey), also felt in the chorus of “BonBon.” The samples and vocals are delicately balanced. Ricq purposely holds back. The beats of “Winter Gone” could have been glitchier and deeper but he doesn’t let it until the very end. “For Tomorrow”, which sits in the middle of 9 original tracks, is a dreamy ukulele interlude and euphoric release of tension right after “Home.” Following is “My Gentlemen” with simple repeated lyrics like, “Thought you were mine.. my gentleman, my gentleman.” The constant reiteration of lines creates a spooky, kind of psychotic mood.

Listed at the end of the LP are three remixes. “Home” is remixed by Patrick Holland (who I assume is Yuki’s brother) aka 8prn. “Un Petit Message” gets treated by HUMANS as well as Sabota. Sabota is the side project of Robbie Slade from HUMANS and Max Ulis, who frequently remixes HUMANS. That may all sound confusing, but the main point is, it’s all one big happy family at Hybridity. Within this family, this LP by Ladyfrnd may prove them to be the most valuable entity.