[Album Review] Louise Burns- The Midnight Mass
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: July 9, 2013
Label: Light Organ Records

Louise Burns’ punk aura from the Lilix day still lurks in the shadows of her latest release, The Midnight Mass. The album is moody and has a gothic feel. The girl in 2011’s Mellow Drama had undergone a transformation as a result of growing up and experiencing something traumatic, perhaps a bad relationship.

The peacefulness of past tunes like “Drop Names Not Bombs” is replaced now with whispered dark threats. “Jasper” proclaims by the end, “Kick him in the dark…Kick him in the eyes so you know that that they drown.”

Louise Burns was my favourite part of Gold & Youth’s Beyond Wilderness. This album is also aided by production from Colin Stewart but Sune Rose Wagner (from the Raveonettes) also shares credit. The retro vibe of “Don’t Like Sunny Days” and “Ruby” has a bit of Mellow Drama in them and also make me think of indie-rock darlings The Submarines.

“San Andreas” broods with creeping darkness, like a subconscious voice second guessing every decision. It’s a theme that was introduced right from the opening tune “Emerald’s Shatter” asking “what am I doing here at all?” “The Artist” takes the self-deprecation further, “Oh poor old me, I said I wouldn’t do this to myself again.”

Musically it’s thick and on the verge of making the vocals inaudible, but they’re not. Burns takes the listener through a dark tunnel but we’ll have to wait for the next record to learn what’s on the other side.