[Album Review] Solar Year- Waverly
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: June 25, 2013
Label: Ceremony Recordings

When Montreal duo of Ben Borden and David Ertel revealed the apocalyptical “Brotherhood” last year, I eagerly awaited a full album. Though the duo originally released “Brotherhood” single with the Arbutus family, Waverly was actually released on Ceremony Records. Their 80s inspired electro-pop with Gregorian chant inspired vocals warrants more headphone listening than dancing.

As promised, there are audible Grimes contributions (“Global Girlfriend”, “Brotherhood”). The album is tension filled in every aspect from the repetitiveness of the synths which are like a slowly approaching army of antagonists. The expansive ideas just have an overall ominous sound.

There’s also something about it that makes me think of an over-complicated Majical Cloudz but in a good way. My personal favourite tune is “Magical Ideas” with its deep beats and brooding lyrics, “Loved into oblivion and test their wills.. read my life.” “Night & Day” also shines through with a brighter tone.

Besides the slower (“Cardinal Points” “Abby and “Amber”) ,  interlude-like (“Currents” “Vu U”),  and digital bonus “Pivot”, the majority of the tunes had been previously released into the blogosphere. The pre-released singles remain the album’s strong points with their tribal and infectious rhythms.  With Waverly, Solar Year adds fuel to the fire that is Montreal’s musical talent.