Review by Ani Hajderaj / Photos by Katherine Kwan

For years I followed ID&T and their Sensation parties through YouTube videos and their constant updates of the events they threw in Europe. Over two decades the party grew and expanded beyond Europe, reaching Asia, South Africa, South America and eventually the United States.

Sensation White is a premium experience where those attending dress in all white and dance throughout the night to electronic music. While that’s happening, an elaborate stage production erupts in visual bliss all over the sporting arena giving people a memorable party.It had always been an event I wanted to attend and for the longest time I thought it would never come to Canada, but Bud Light made it happen with ID&T.

The long overdue all-white party touched down in Toronto on June 1st at the Roger’s Centre. The theme of the party was “Ocean of White”. As people entered the arena, there were various giant jelly fish being suspended from the ceiling. They were also coordinated to move up and down to the music while LED lights shine over the ocean of people.

The crowd of this show was diverse and very positive. Something about wearing all white adds a nice vibe to the party and everyone was definitely feeling it. The dance floor was full but it wasn’t uncomfortably packed so getting from the bars to your group of friends was easy and everyone was very respectful by letting you go through.

Music is a very important part of Sensation, for that reason the DJ is placed right in the middle of the venue and a bit hidden, so that people were spending more time celebrating than just looking at the DJ. This made the party very enjoyable and I was more inclined to socialize with my friends and other music lovers around me.

The line-up consisted of Mr. White, 2000 and One, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Eric Prydz and Otto Knows. Mr. White is a Sensation resident who opens every Sensation White with tech-house vibes. Without a doubt Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and Eric Prydz stole the show.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano were dropping big house beats with a festive tone. You could see them having a great time in the rotating DJ booth, and that really came through in the tracks they were playing. Eric Prydz opened with his hit “Everyday” which got the Roger’s Centre bouncing to no end; later on he played the 90’s hit “Insomnia” mashed up with “Not Going Home” both by Faithless. The night ended off with Otto Knows playing familiar house anthems.

A key element of Sensation was the story telling aspect, at the beginning and between the DJ sets of the event the announcer narrated the whole night adding a very dynamic party experience.

It’s amazing to see Canada embracing a premium dance event such as Sensation White and I absolutely cannot wait to do it again next time ID&T brings it back.

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