[Album Review] Majical Cloudz- Impersonator
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by TIana Feng


Release Date: May 27, 2013
Label: Matador

Devon Welsh’s vocals are crystal clear and complimented with ambience run by partner Matthew Otto. The duo is Majical Cloudz presenting a landscape of introverted music reflecting on dark subjects of death and love lost in the mysterious debut Impersonator.

Vocals throughout are beautifully sad. “This is Magic” is goosebump inducing through both dynamic building vocals and swelling of simple synths and snare. Sounds of strings surround single “Childhood’s End” in a powerful tale of life twisting death. The simple reverberating synth of line in “I Do Sing For You” is suffocating, much like the uncontrollable and suffocating feeling of love Welsh describes.

Impersonator lets you into Welsh’s most introverted thoughts. In fact “Mister” could be a conversation with himself in the mirror. Picture the confusion of being suddenly struck in war, that is what “Turns Turns Turns” imitates. The confusion, a person struggling to stay alive.  Silver Rings sings “I don’t think about dying alone” before reaching into an angelic falsetto. “Illusion” teases us with straining silences and hypnotizing iterations of the title. Piano chord driven “Bugs Don’t Buzz” has the most production of the minimalistic tracks. It baits us with false hope, “The happiness songs all end with a smile/this might end with a smile”. But then he adds, “No my love”.

If Welsh is the impersonator he describes, a fake, than he has certainly fooled us into coming on this believably heavy journey.