[Album Review] Sean Nicholas Savage- Other Life
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: May 28, 2013
Label: Arbutus Records

From a distance, Sean Nicholas Savage’s tunes sound like the 80s classic played on your mother’s AC radio station. Those songs usually need memorable song craft and Savage delivers in his latest album Other Life.

Ruminating on romantic turmoil his lyrics are an R&Bish style a smooth and effortless croon. The arrangements remain minimalistic for the most part putting his vocals at the centre of attention. It’s like a naked man presenting and he even sings “Look at Me”, a summary of the album’s subjects and origin. He shows frailty (“I’m Your Man”) but then pulls something obviously sexual in “Like A Baby”. The lyrics sing “what can I do for you?/put me into you/what can I do for me?/put me into you.”

Even in his “ooo”s and “nana”s there’s emotion (“More Than I Love Myself”). The album takes a different twist towards the end with the eerie “It’s Real” and playful “Chin Chin”. Other Life is another example of a masterpiece released by the Arbutus Records family.