[Album Review] Reversing Falls- Reversing Falls
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Label: Independent

Montreal fuzzy pop rockers Reversing Falls released their self-titled debut last month. Co-produced by Mark Lawson and mixed by Howard Bilerman it really doesn’t sound like Arcade Fire, the band whose credits both sound men have in common.

Instead, Reversing Falls has a more punk sound reminiscent of the 90s Jimmy Eat World. It brings me back to the “life sucks” days as a teenager. Yah, I was a scene kid, deal with it. We’ve all had a “Shitty Birthday” at least once and shitty relationships (“Everyone, Everyone”) and though we’ve grown up there will be more problems to come and people to call out.

Reversing Falls cleverly begins with “Is This Thing On?” questioning if anybody’s listening and when they grasp your attention “Curse This Place” follows.  The majority of the titles are a reminder of the song’s earwormy line. If you’re going to do some life-hating, maybe put on some Reversing Falls and things will feel slightly better.

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