[Album Review] Valleys- Are You Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night?
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 30th, 2013
Label: Kanine Records

Valleys debut Sometimes Water Kills seems bleak and thin compared to what they have going on in their latest album Are You Going to Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?. This time the Montreal group have given up acoustic guitars for a more heavily produced, beat heavy electronic than before.

Like their text-covered album cover, the tunes are shrouded in mystery and darkness despite the pop moments. Scars, death, ache, confessions show themselves in the lyrics. Sometimes we cope with problems by keeping them to ourselves and smiling on the outside. The album is kind of like that “Absolutely Everything All The Time” is at once bright and chilling. Maybe they made it that way on purpose to fit the title. “Us” is like taking a Passion Pit song and covering it in clouds.

Besides the interludey “Living Nation” the tunes are stand-outs on their own, each being different than the last. At times it’s easy however to get lost in the murkiness of too many textures, especially in the middle.”Exing Everything” grabs attention once again with an opposing crisp instrumental song of forced happiness right before the 8 minute closer. “Undream A Year” ends the album as ambiguously as the video they released for the song.