[Album Review] Folly and the Hunter- Tragic Care
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 16th, 2013
Label: Outside Music

Full disclosure: I had my share in funding Folly and the Hunter’s Indiegogo campaign after falling in love with their underappreciated album Residents of 2011. To be honest, after not hearing much on the album after my donation I thought I had funded a lost cause. A year and a half later Tragic Care arrived at my doorstep (quite literally).

Keeping their campaign promises, they did seek out better production, which includes The Besnard Lakes Jace Lasek as producer and Ryan Morey (Arcade Fire, Half Moon Run) for mastering. The result is a warm lush album that deals with the subject of loss. The band themselves did overgo some personal challenges during the album’s recording.

Like Vulture’s rhythmic build up ending, everything feels familiar in the record, which is inviting but at the same time can fall into safe comfortable indie-folk territory. A little contrived at times. I miss a little bit of the imperfection that made Residents endearing.

Tragic Care does have its lovely moments like the dreamy titled track or “There are No Great Redeemers” deeming them Canada’s answer to Bon Iver. Of course how could you have one of The Besnard Lakes producer and not have atmospheric moments. “How It Came Down” starts in dark cloudy territory before it becomes laced with glock sparkles and a warming violin line.

My personal favourite track is the final “Our Stories End” which is filled with hand claps and layering rhythmic textures juxtaposing the idea that every chapter in our lives will eventually end.

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