[Album Review] No Joy- Wait to Pleasure
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 23rd, 2013
Label: Mexican Summer

Following up on 2010’s Ghost Blonde, No Joy proved themselves more than just shoegazers with this year’s release of Wait to Pleasure. In fact it’s really hard to be gazing off while listening to this masterpiece in cacophony.

Production wise the sound on Wait to Pleasure comes out louder, more crisp than Ghost Blonde. The claustrophobic tension of “E” builds up to point of explosion. First single “Hare Tarot Lies” proves that within the layers of noises they have moments of pop sensibilities. “Blue Neck Riviera” has talk-singing playfulness that takes a turn in the last half and even in the last seconds you can hear the many individual layers.

“Lizard Kid” jumps in at hectic pace and occasionally confuses you into thinking you left a browser open in the background with sound playing. “Lunar Phobia” dips into an almost ethereal pop music territory, like they could be BFFS with Grimes.

For a record where the vocals are mostly inaudible, it’s a lot more enjoyable than it should be with songs like “Ignored Pets” sounding without a doubt like a No Joy song.  Just as in “Lizard Kid” it mixes punk sensibilities with bound-breaking layers and a brightness that is complete opposite of the band’s name.

“Pleasure” found nearly at the end is soothing. The album’s title sort of plays on the fact that they’ve been teasing you with commotion, keeping you on hold for this short moment of euphoric release.