[Album Review] The Bicycles- Stop Thinking So Much
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by Tiana Feng



Release Date: April 2nd, 2013
Label: Fuzzy Logic Recordings

After going on hiatus in 2009, Dana Snell sent an e-mail to the mates to reconnect. The result was the this year’s Stop Thinking So Much. If you look carefully at the album cover, it is more than a letter “B”, but the e-mail that brought them back together.

This time around the band opted to go for the hi-fi root. It’s less fuzzy and DIY sounding. The album was recorded at 6 Nassau mixed by Leon Taney (Owen Pallett, Ohbijou). It’s a noticeable change, the vocals are more clearer and everything done with more intent.

The album opener “Appalachian Mountain Station” sounds a bit like the band grew up. It’s a more folk influenced tune. However, they switch back to their known bubblegum pop in second track “Baby Boy”.

It’s impossible to be sad while listening to this album. “Bandana Cat’s” “ba da dum”‘s are infectious and we all love it when “The Sun Don’t Want To End”.  There’s also the more alt-rock moments like the guitar riffy “Break This Held”. “Nap Trap” ends the album with a reminder that the things that happen in our sleep aren’t real.

Coloured by the sound of the 60’s this record is the perfect soundtrack to summer, a period where we should let loose and “Stop Thinking So Much”.