[Album Review] Lauren Mann & the Fairly Odd Folk- Over Land and Sea
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 9th, 2013
Label: Wanderer Records

Lauren Mann and her band deemed The Fairly Odd Folk released Over Land and Sea. The album is a mix of folk with orchestral pop sensibilities and a tiny bit of whimsy.

“Fragile”, the opening track starts off simple but grows to include violin, flute, clarinet and what sounds like an oboe. What group has an oboe player nowadays? The instrumentation varies throughout and single “I Lost Myself” even employs some playful whistling.

Often the arrangements effectively reflect the lyrics. Piano and glockenspiel create a fairytale atmosphere for “Dance With me” as lovers say “I Love You” under whispering trees. The happy ending is echoed by strings at the end. Trees are also mentioned as whispering in “Over Land and Sea”, the title track which sings about travelling throughout Canada.

Lauren Mann can sing me a “Lullaby” anytime. The mood is calming, like a mother singing to a child. There’s even a cute mention of teeth brushing alongside hope and faith as things to remember. “Of Life and Death” touches on a lost loved one but the feeling is celebratory as she sings “I’ll Never Let You Go”.

Over Land and Sea paints in song the beauty of life. Mann wants us all to feel this beauty and this is reflected up until the album’s last line,“I hope you find what you’re looking for.”