[Album Review] Donovan Woods- Don't Get Too Grand
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 26, 2013
Label: Asporia Records

Sarnia, Ontario’s Donovan Woods released his third album Don’t Get Too Grand back in March. The title is inspired by a Richard Ford quote about not taking yourself too seriously.

Taking this into consideration Donovan Woods creates 11 songs that are simple and easy for anybody to sing along with. Instrumentation wise it also isn’t too complex, but never feels sparse or empty. There’s violin in “The Coldest State”, the gentle beat of a bass drum on “You Don’t Say” and sparkles of piano on “Put On, Cologne”.

He guarantees that it is the melody and the lyrics that will be remembered. In “Put On,  Cologne” he cleverly works in the words “Stupid European boyfriend” into the rhythm. “Sask” starts off with “No offense Saskatchewan”  later accusing the province of living a lie, just like him. Woods keeps this theme throughout, ending with “Let Us Now Praise the Simple Man”.