[Album Review] Corinna Rose- Northeast Southwest
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: April 11, 2013
Label: Independent

Corinna Rose is the stage name for singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin. However, as proved in her debut LP Northeast Southwest she should not be pigeon-holed into the category of guitar wielding storyteller.

Maybe it’s the fact that she is joined by at least 10 other musicians in the making of the album. “Lost Like You” starts out with an atmospheric fog of strings. Throughout the tune, it is pretty unconventional both in melody and arrangement, introducing the idea that we got lost in our journey through the walk of life. However, it’s eccentric with purpose. As she sings “In the end it’s all darkness” everything culminates together beautiful as she states this conclusion.

There is a bit of a theatrical quality to the occasional talk-sing moments, but they happen in little spurts like “Fresher Fruit.” Gulkin’s voice is angelic as it floats above “There is Darkness, There is Light”. Here it proves that every instrument comes and goes with purpose. After her last proclamation of “There’ll be a light”, the glockenspiel takes the spotlight.

The title track is the brightest complimented by some fast-paced banjo playing to iterate the fact that she is coming back to the Northeast (Montreal), where she calls home.  

Unconventional does not mean that she fails to tell stories as proved in “Darcy D”. Corinna Rose proves in Northeast Southwest that the delicate balance between folk traditions and experimental conventions can be achieved.