[Album Review] Shotgun Jimmie- Everything, Everything
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by Tiana Feng

Release Date: March 26, 2013
Label: You’ve Changed Records

Shotgun Jimmie follows up 2011’s Transistor Sister with the appropriately named Everything, Everything. Like the cover, the album is snapshots of random and whimsical moments.

Most songs fly by at under two minutes and at 16 songs there really is a little bit of everything. “Growing Like a Garden” is playful and full of details. “Martini glass, on the first day of class” being the first line of the song. The album is just as wild and unexpected as the garden described in the tune.

Though it is quite jumbled, it’s the cute little stories that have you hooked from beginning to end. One of my personal favourites is “Skype Date”, a story of the modern world. “I’m a light weight, waiting for a Skype date”, the hook pokes fun at love in the modern world. It also humours how we have to close all applications to be able to run Skype properly. Who makes that into a song? Shotgun Jimmie does.

Things slow down in “Last Night” but only 1 minute and 47 seconds later things “Carry On” into some fuzzy, lo-fi and one of three songs that are over four minutes long.

Whether he wants to travel to space (“32012”) or Alaska (“North!”) the listener feels inclined to follow him. Shotgun Jimmie keeps us curiously following his life adventure.