[Album Review] Lindy Vopnfjord- New Waverer
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by Tiana Feng

Release Date: February 26, 2013
Label: Independent

Lindy Vopnfjord, the Icelander in Manitoba who relocated to Southern Ontario released New Waverer back in February. This is his 7th release, though he used to release the majority of his music under his first name “Lindy”.

In New Waverer Vopnfjord continues to storytell. “Lover Sister” is a sweet tune directed to a man who loves a girl like a sister but in reality became something more. Vopnfjord gets into angelic falsetto movements throughout. “Warsaw’s Blinking Lights” teases between the consonant and dissonant to add mystery into the lines ”Is there anyone else?” “On My Way Back Home” the rim-drumming almost sounds like playful handclaps and lap tapping. Other highlights include the forward driving “The Limit”. In terms of tempo, there is very little variation between songs. The majority fall into a medium soft-rock pace.