[Album Review] Maylee Todd- Escapology
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by Tiana Feng
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Release Date: April 2nd, 2013
Label: Do Right! Music

I’ve seen Maylee Todd multiple times within a year before this album’s release as Ark Analog, Maloo, Henri Faberge and the Adorables, but it is what’s known as Maylee Todd that embodies the most energy and captured in Escapology.

Escapology has tunes she’s been performing for quite a while including the infamous “Pinball Number Count”. Yes, the Sesame Street cover that on record is just as ridiculously fun as it is live. I don’t know another artist right now that is making vintage sounding jazz, funk, bossa nova grooves and makes it appealing to people in their 20s.

Todd’s voice is as smooth as silk gliding through “I can’t Stand It” and “Hieroglyphics”. There’s a certain sexiness to her voice particularly in the latter. In “Did Everything I Could” it’s obvious that her vocals have grown much stronger since 2010’s Choose Your Own Adventure. She can sing brooding songs and sustain those long notes. That doesn’t mean however that she can’t retreat to be purposely breathy and sweet as heard in “Successive Mutations”, where there appears to be hovering spaceships.

Escapology‘s climax is without a doubt “I Tried” where her ardent singing grows into a literal scream. Of course we can’t forget the fantastic (and pretty huge) band that backs Maylee Todd which includes The Bicycles’ Dr. Ew. They’re not afraid to add solo flourishes here and there and making tracks like “Do You Know What It Is” sound like a party you wish you were part of.