[Album Review] Two Hours Traffic- Foolish Blood
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 19th, 2013
Label: Bumstead Records

Foolish Blood is the first album from Charlottetown’s Two Hours Traffic since parting ways with former guitarist Alec O’Hanley (also of The Danks). Nathan Gill of North Lakes joins on the bass. Joel Plaskett is also not producer for this LP, handing the reigns down to Darryl Neudorf (The Sadies, New Pornographers).

Sonically it is brighter than 2009’s Territory falling somewhere closer to Polaris nominated Little Jabs 2007) with a hint more production and steering towards radio-play friendly. Liam Corcoran’s vocals are in the forefront, sounding different, more reverbed, more pop. “Audrey” and “Amour Than Amis” from 2012’s Siren Spells EP made their way fittingly into the album.

Occasionally, the fuzzy pop delves into surf-rock territory most noticeably in “I Don’t Want 2 Want U”. Though many tunes from the LP (especially “Meaning of Love” and “Audrey”) are sure to get stuck in your head, there’s a bit of something missing that was present in their older records.