[Album Review] Beliefs- Beliefs
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 5, 2013
Label: Hand Drawn Dracula

Last month, Toronto shoegazers Beliefs released their highly anticipated self-titled album.

The shoegaze genre can be a hit and miss at times and I have no real predilection towards My Bloody Valentine. Though Beliefs’ self-titled is just as full of fuzzy and hazy distortions, there is a structure and purpose to it. Whether Josh Crody decides to circle around a vocal idea in “Iron Steams” or the more effectively hooky choruses like in “Catch My Breath”.

Noise isn’t made just for the sake of noise. They compliment the (sometimes undistinguishable lyrics). In “Strangers” Jesse Crowe continuously repeats a clearly audible “I say you’ll never fall in love” but guitar pedals act like a wall (emotional or physical) between whomever she’s singing to.

In contrast, “Dead Water” is less noisey, calm in comparison as Crowe’s voice floats over a simple repeating percussion line and plucked guitar notes.

My personal favourite “Lilly” has a theme that plays with continuous tension and release. Though teh vocals are mostly inaudible (besides the word Lilly) it builds into a noticeable guitar crazy tension point at 1:28 and resolves back to the familiar.

“Gallows Bird” concludes the album (side note: there is an extra track “Violets” on the digital version but it is weak) in a track that is almost like multiple. There is a teasing prequel of banging guitars and in the last two minutes picks up pace to become celebratory, holding on with reverberations until the very end.