by Nash Bussieres
I’m pretty stoked I can now say that I’ve seen Sweatshop Union. They were one of the first groups that introduced me to hip hop when I was a pre-teen and served as a good counterbalance to all the Eminem that my friends would start listening to in the next few years. Having only ever been to The Painted Lady once before, all I really remembered about it was that it was small. Like, really small. I had no idea how a hip hop collective would be able to perform in such a tight space, but they made it work really well. The entire crowd (“crowd” is being used loosely, the venue could only hold like, 30 people max) was bouncing up and down to the set and, unlike most bands I saw this week, SU actually managed to get a commendable amount of audience participation. The Union still knows how to command a stage, even more than a decade after its formation.
Sweatshop Union- Makeshift Kingdom