by Nash Bussieres
D-Sisive is probably my favourite thing about Canadian music right now. He’s as profound as he is prolific, and his story is honest and all-too relatable for so many people. I caught his at the Annex Wreckroom on Friday as part of the Funk Resistance party. After saying late last year that he was calling it quits, I was really saddened at the prospect of never getting to see him live again. Playing with KC Roberts and the Live Revolution as a backing band, the show was something amazing to behold. I really wish he spent more time on stage as he didn’t seem to go through many songs (was it a full set? it seemed so short). That might just be due to the fact that I’m a pseudo-super-fan and wanted him to play like, a million tunes. Hip-Hop backed by full brass and funk ensembles always makes for a great show, and this was no different. D-Sisive proved that he’s fully deserving of everything he’s ever asked for.

The Live Revolution is easily the tightest live band in the city. End of discussion. I don’t even know what to say about them. 

On Friday at the Wreckroom they did everything you could possibly ask for from a funk band: they were technically proficient, they were energetic, they got the crowd dancing, et al. Name something you think a funk band should be or do live and they have it perfected. Ridiculous drum solos? Got those too. I don’t even know if I’m worthy of reviewing them, they made me feel bad for ever referring to myself as “a musician.” There were techniques and nuances that I’m sure I didn’t fully understand or even notice. Every time I have seen them play it has been incredible. The never seem to disappoint.