[Album Review] New Country Rehab- Ghost of Your Charms
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: March 5, 2013
Label: Kelp Records

Ghost of Your Charms is the second release from New Country Rehab  who is quickly becoming one of the country’s most new and exciting folk acts.

I don’t know why people keep comparing New Country Rehab to Mumford and Sons. NCR’s music is much more complex (and interesting) than mandolin-accompanied folk-hooks. Yah, I’m saying New Country Rehab is better than Mumford and Sons. Slay me.

Come on, you can hear that right away with “Empty Room Blues”. That fiddle line of frontman John Showman makes you want to get up and square dance.  Beneath fancy arrangement is great storytelling as heard in single “Luxury Motel” and the fiddletastic “Lizzy Dying of a Broken Heart”. The group mixes bluegrass, country, roots-rock and folk with a hint of pop. Then they decide to be alt-rockers in “Lost Highway” and pull out some killer guitar riffs.

The dark bluesy “Rollin” has tension filled touches of violin (plucked and bowed) and an undulating sample that sounds like a siren in the line “The sun is rising. The sheriff is on his way.” Tiny details are what make New Country Rehab stand out.

The last two tracks “The Image of Me” and “Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals” are actually covers of country classics that have gone through New Country Rehab and claimed by the bands emotion and gusto respectively. The album ends with just as much foot-stomping energy as it started off with.
New Country Rehab- Luxury Motel