[Album Review] Wildlife- ...On the Heart
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by Tiana Feng

Release Date: March 5, 2013
Label: Wax Records

Toronto’s Wildlife dropped their sophomore album …On the Heart last week. It maintains the same energy and heart tugging emotion found in Strike Hard Young Diamond.

It begins slowly with “If it Breaks” but “Born to Ruin instantly saves it with electric energy. It is no wonder they have been touring with the likes of Hollerado. They’ve also worked with their producer. Hiding between anthemic melodies comes dark tales like the “two lovers an enemy and kerosene” in “Bad Dream”.

Production wise you can also hear the influence of Peter Katz (who’s worked with The National, Interpol) in “Don’t Fear”.  The song features Rob Moose from Bon Iver on violin which completes the formula for something that should make the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy. If the lines “Don’t fear your heart dear, while it’s saving you from disappearing” aren’t appropriate for that tense season finale moment, I don’t know what is.

With the album’s easy to find hooks, it is accessible to those that listen to 102.1 The Edge, but at the same time lacks enough radio-rock clichés for the hipster crowd. “One for the Body” makes this point across well. However, while the songs on the album are decent, Wildlife might find themselves lost in a cloud of fellow upbeat indie rockers. There isn’t too much to set them apart from the rest.

Generally, the bass drum on …On the Heart thumps forward and we follow on to the next song.  But to survive this indie rock world and remain unforgotten, Wildlife needs a little more than just heart.