[Album Review] Hollerado- White Paint
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 26, 2013
Label: Royal Mountain Records

To be honest, I was expecting Hollerado to follow up Record in a Bag with something that sounds exactly the same or fall into a writing-for-radio formula. I could not be more wrong and in four years and a an insane amount of shows later, they have definitely grown up.

It could be said that this album is heavier but Hollerado never loses the pop-sense that made them so loveable in their first album.  Songs like “Thanks for the Venom” and “So It Goes” displays the 90s pop punk influences and reminding you of the days when Green Day did not suck. They don’t leave out their long-time fans occasionally teasing with playful hooks like those found in “Desire 126”.

Like the former Record in a Bag “Wonder, Velocity, Charlie and Me” begins the album on a random note. This time, with weird effects and words that end in “tion”, building up to flow into the dinosaur-including “Don’t Think”. They are witty narrators, heard in every track from the story of the tortoise in “Lonesome George” to the dude who needs to sell his record collection in “I Want My Medicine.”

Did they swear at the beginning of “Pure emotion”? I swear they said the F-word. Appropriate. The most standout track for me was “Fresno Chunk (Digging with You)” containing an underlying funk beat while Versteg talk-sings about rummaging through a pile of junk.

With the majority of the songs being fast-paced and guitar heavy, they are definitely written for the live show. Considering the act’s touring schedule, this may help them snatch a few new fans from the more established headliners. While their sound has evolved, they never once become unbelievable. It’s totally Hollerado all the way through White Paint.