[Album Review] Data Romance- Other
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by Tiana Feng

Label: Dine Alone Records
Release Date: February 19, 2013

Vancouver’s Data Romance got signed last year to Dine Alone Records. It isn’t surprising considering their debut album Other has a developed sound way beyond the duo’s years.

“Caves” begins the album with star-like keyboard notes and heavy pulsating beats that pull the listener in occasionally teasing with beat drops. The following track “Other” haunts in like a stalker-in-an-alley manner. “Cargo” slows things down in a more atmospheric, less beat heavy manner. Amy Kirkpatrick’s voice incidentally does hold you for the full 3:19.

Though the majority of the songs are earwormy, the appropriately titled single “Can’t Keep Your Mind Off” is definitely the tune to snatch you.

Other loses its momentum in the middle tracks but “Guard” recaptures you with the same elements that ensnared the ears in “Caves”.

The duo takes turns being the star. While sometimes in perfect harmony Kirkpatrick takes over songs like “Waiting Pace” while it’s producer Ajay Bhettacharyya’s beats in songs like “They” that take the spotlight.

Despite the album being beat-heavy at times I don’t think Other was meant to be a clubby dance record. With all its teasing tension and release, it is meant to be listened to or perhaps to have sex to.