[Album Review] Old English- Prose & Kahns
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Label: Independent

After 3 years in the making, Matt Henderson finally released his debut album Prose and Kahns with his band under the moniker Old English.

The album begins with “Runner-up” as a car pulls up to a house, person puts the keys through the door and goes inside. Stylistically, the album is a bit everywhere but Henderson’s monotonous vocals tie it all together. “Anchors” begins in a solemn folk sound with a lovely horn solo and moves into an uplifting pop tune by the end. “Farmer’s Tan” displays more of the electro-pop sound the band uses to describe themselves with its vivacious synths.

The slow-paced vocal style in “We’ve Been Here Before” gets tiring. The say-a-word-and-pause thing makes the song drag on and it moves in a predictable manner. Little variation in vocal speed is present throughout the whole album.  “Layaway” is a refresher as a female vocalist to join in a duet with Henderson.

Highlights include the 6 minute “Older Things” with wobbly reverb under hand-picked guitar, accordion and banjo. Prose and Kahns as a whole has some hits and misses, but you can decide for yourself by streaming the entire thing below.