by Tiana Feng
Dusted @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
Sunday was the conclusion of Wavelength 13’s weekend music series. The audience had not yet grown tired from the weekend. By midnight the Garrison had sold out of tickets.
Cell Memory and Castle If @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
Cell Memory and Castle If began the night with the same sort of droney long songs they played at the Exclaim! Christmas party. Their set was actually really short but felt like 2 songs that went on forever. If a band wants to make droney repetitive electronic music, don’t let it drag on and on with very little variation.

Legato Vipers and the Harlettes @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
Lightening the mood up was Legato Vipers with their surf rock accompanied by burlesque group The Harlettes. The Vipers’ music could definitely be the soundtrack to a beach filled summer. They teased the audience both with music, building on themes with faster and faster speeds and of course with dancers who stripped down to stickered boobs.

Henri Fabergé & the Adorables @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
Next Henri Fabergé walked out in a bowl cut, t-shirt and short shorts with a sack containing and flask and cornet and you knew this set was going to be a lot of fun. And it was. He was joined by other artists who were appropriately named “The Adorables”. Highlights of the group include Laura Barrett and Maylee Todd playing cute hand games and mirroring each other in a song with the line “I travel in travel in the mirror tonight”. The songs were quite lighthearted and hilarious with weird lyrics like “everybody needs masturbation” (or at least that’s what I heard) and finishing with “Fuck You Henri”. There were tons of people on stage, including a few of Maylee Todd’s dancers who jumped on and off the stage.

The Magic @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
The Magic performed their cape-flipping disco tunes with their original line up. Sylvie Smith from Evening Hymns was the female vocalist of the evening and I much prefer her to the other vocalist they had as a trio. There were plenty of fans in the audience singing along to their catchy danceable tunes and clapping along in the appropriate parts.

Cookie Duster @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
The night’s biggest drawers was the Brendan Canning led new-old group Cookie Duster.  Other members included Change of Heart’s Rob Higgins and Matt Murphy from The Super Friendz. I haven’t heard much of them previously and people like to describe them as electropop, but I found them more alt-pop rock live, like an almost reincarnation of broken social scene with the occasional synths and female vocalist.

Dusted @ Wavelength 13 Day 4
Closing the festival was secret guest Dusted. The duo of Brian Borcherdt and Leon Taheny played selections from their latest Total Dust. For being only a duo, there was no lack of sound with Borcherdt on vocal and reverb guitar (which he borrowed midset from another band) and Taheny on drums and electronics. They closed with a faster than album version of the solemn “Into the Atmosphere.”

Wavelength proved this weekend that is a force to be reckoned with their wonderfully genre-bending music selections. Not to mention Doc Pickles is an awesome announcer.