by Tiana Feng
Do Make Say Think @ Wavelength 13 Day 3
Originally I thought I was going to miss part of Saturday night’s Wavelength 13 line-up because I had to catch a bus home and work the next morning. However, I stayed the entire night, which resulted in me needing to wake up at 7 am to make it to work but it was totally worth it.
Bernice @ Wavelength 13 Day 3
As the audience was trickling in from late streetcars, Bernice took the stage delivering some unique smooth rhythm and bluesy music.  T H O M A S provided some interesting soundscapes including cat samples, but they seemed more an afterthought. There was also much static from the files being compressed. It was sort of distracting and took away from Robin Dann’s lovely voice.

Doom Squad @ Wavelength 13 Day 3
With painted circles on their heads, Doom Squad was next. The sibling experimental trio performed psychedelic dance numbers that could have easily fit into the Arbutus family of artist. Some of the members were multi-instrumentalists taking on recorder, flute, and Korgs. Their set concluded with an interesting rolling rendition of The Doors’ “Riders on the Storm”.

Sarah Neufeld @ Wavelength 13 Day 3
Following was the much anticipated Sarah Neufeld, the violinist of Arcade Fire. She performed fiery solo violin numbers. I had originally doubted how well this would go with a full audience waiting for Do Make, but Wavelength followers are respectful music lovers and most were thoroughly impressed with Neufeld’s foot stomping fiddling. Joining her on stage for the last few numbers was Islands/The Magic’s Geordie Gordon and bari saxophonist Colin Stetson mixing in some dark atmosphere.

Evening Hymns @ Wavelength 13 Day 3

Evening Hymns opened with “Arrow” with their full band. Compared to the past shows at The Music Gallery or Summer Works , Jonas Bonnetta’s choice of songs and arrangements were brighter and more upbeat, moving in a happier direction as the band had promised they would do after December’s emotional show. Much care was still taking into account of the balance of sound and the importance of every member from the vibrato of the trumpet on “Moon River”, the thumping hearbeat-like drums and the moody reverb.

Do Make Say Think @ Wavelength 13 Day 3
Headliners Do Make Say Think took the stage and played a 90 minute set of post-rock jams.  To be honest, I haven’t really been a fan of their records but I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and tightness of their lives set. Each member was fascinating to watch especially Lullaby Arkestra’s Justin Small. Fans even stuck around at 2:30am to rock out to an encore with the song “Do”.