by Tiana Feng
Blue Hawaii @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
Wavelength Day 2 found itself in a busy crowd at The Black Box Theatre below The Great Hall. Visuals were contributed by Live Action Fezz.
THIGHS @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
Kicking things off were THIGHS made up of members of Odonis Odonis, Pants & Tie and Danger Bay. They had their giant amps set up on the ground so the band could mosh with the audience if they wanted. Silly THIGHS, indie kids don’t mosh. However, they introduced some material from their debut self-titled that proved to be pretty killer.

Blonde Elvis @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
Next up was Young Mother‘s Jesse Laderoute’s new glam-rock project Blonde Elvis. To me it just sounded like a more distorted version of Young Mother with some wannabe Mac Demarco sounding guitar solos. There’s something about Laderoute’s arrogance on stage that is a tad bit off-putting.

Blue Hawaii @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
I was most excited to see Blue Hawaii last night. They seemed a bit awkward to start, with one whispering plans to the other, but Raphaelle Standell-Preston (of BRAIDS) captivated the audience with her uniquely sweet voice. Songs from the upcoming Untogether came alive in beat heavier on-stage versions, including a rendition of “In Two” that was in an entirely different key.

Cadence Weapon @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
Cadence Weapon followed rapping with fiery energy opening with “Hype Man”, which is funny because he does sort of have a hype man, the DJ that spins for him on stage. Favourites from his set include the Grimes produced 88 and a new track called “Come See Me” which is literally what it sounds.
Cadence Weapon- Loft Party

Doldrums @ Wavelength 13 Day 2
The last time I saw Doldrums perform it was only Airick Woodhead on stage. However last night, he was joined by brother Daniel (who is also in Moon King) as well as a drummer and another dude. They had only just recently rehearsed together and there were a few technical difficulties. But for being after 1am in the morning, the crowd waited patiently eagerly to hear parts of Lesser Evil for the first time. The boys may dress like they smoke a lot of weed but man did they know how to make the audience dance with what sounds like more remix versions of their album tracks. Cadence Weapon even came back on stage for some freestyling. With such enjoyable nights as this, Wavelength is proving to be an awesome curator of music.