by Tiana Feng
Lullabye Arkestra @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
It may have been Valentine’s Day yesterday night  but I ditched the boyfriend and spent it at Parts & Labour for the opening night of Wavelength 13. The guy/girl ratio in the venue was 5: 1 for a night of loud punk music.
Slow-Pitch @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
Slow-Pitch, the only non-band of the night started things off smoothly with some turntabling. He explained that most of his set was improvised, and even wished he could have recorded someone who happened to be shouting “woo” on beat. Saxophonist Colin Fisher joined Slow Pitch with some improvising as well. It was more random notes and sax key noises than the expected jazzy lines.

This Mess @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
Then the night got much louder with This Mess playing some short-punk tunes about the most random topics ever like Marc Jacobs, Goldman Sachs and yes, shoes.

Fresh Snow @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
A random TV was then set up on stage for Krautrock inspired Fresh Snow who played in darkness with the only light coming from whatever was emanating from the television. They are this year’s Wavelength incubator band (last year was the awesome Most People).

Ell V Gore @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
Ell V Gore followed with some gothic post punk. The guitar solos would get so high pitched occasionally that it reminded me of alien space noises. The high energy of all the groups kept me alive enough to stay for the last band.

Lullabye Arkestra @ Wavelength 13 Day 1
And I’m glad I did. Lullabye Arkestra was by far my favourite of the 5. The married duo of Kat and Justin Taylor were as entertaining as they were hilarious. The power even went out, but they managed to improv and keep the audience engaged (and still there at almost 2am). They had a tune appropriately for Valentine’s Day, that of course turned into pummeling rock with dark screaming. They finished the night with a cover of Napalm Death’s “The Kill”. Wavelength 13 sure started off with a bang and I’m excited for what is to come in the next few nights!