[Album Review] Cobra & Vulture- Grasslands
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: January 22, 2013
Label: Independent/Bandcamp

Best friends Amber Goodwyn and Erin Ross teamed up with Parlovr drummer Jeremy McCuish under the moniker Cobra & Vulture. The trio’s debut full length Grasslands is an indescribable genre that encompasses lo-fi garage rock, folk in an avant-garde manner.

Goodwyn had relocated to Saskatchewan and travelled to Montreal frequently to record with the other members of the band. There is evidence of this move in the album titles as well as “Prairia” and “Carve A Path Like A Valley Through The Land.” The lofi quality comes from the fact the members used whatever microphones and borrowed equipment they could get their hands and recorded at their practise space.

While a few tunes like “Strange Dream” and “Snow Blindness” are digestible garage-pop, others like “Hills Are In Sight” start off with familiar hooks and then venture on into melodic strangeness. Then there “Pile of Bones” and “Ghost Town” that are as eerie as their titles.

Weird initially, the album is a grower with semi abrasive vocals that remind me of Sleigh Bells, if they decided to quit making pop music and turn avant-garde. What I like about this album is that it is eccentric but has just the right amount of familiar to keep the ears happy. While the star here is Goodwyn’s unpredictable vocal style, Ross creates equally strange harmonies while McCuish provides structure and stability.
Cobra and Vulture- Prairia