by Tiana Feng
Alright Alright @ The Horseshoe 02/07/2013


Last night there was a huge snow storm, but I had promised three different bands I would go see them. Luckily all of them were playing the Horseshoe so I spent the night warmed with beer and good music.

Mesa Mesa @ The Horseshoe 02/07/2013
Opening the night was Papermaps’ studio mates Mesa Mesa. They all record together in a new facility called Echo Valley. Mesa Mesa played some intriguing psychedelic electro-pop tracks. It kind of reminded me of Prince Innocence except with guitars and the occasional strange sample like in the beginning of “Mistakes”.

Vistavision @ The Horseshoe 02/07/2013
Vistavision, who’s producer is Dean from Papermaps followed. I was taken away by Andrew Haust, their drummer the whole time. He played with such crazy intensity that you wondered how the kit survived.

Papermaps @ The Horseshoe 02/07/2013
Papermaps were third in the line up. This was the first time I’ve seen them since Wendy and Todd left the band. With only 3 people on stage: Dean, Betty Dimo (bassist) and Bobby Lee(their drummer) they still managed to rock out. There were a couple of brand new tunes that take the band in a new more alt-rock direction. Their set seemed too short! Only 5-6 songs ending with “Wishful Thinker” that transitioned right into “You Are My Gallows”.

Alright Alright @ The Horseshoe 02/07/2013
Alright Alright closed the night celebrating the release of their new Valentine’s EP which they gave out in the form of Valentine’s Day cards.  The band proved themselves to be more than just “alright” with their tireless love songs. Check out some live footage below.