[Album Review] Ron Sexsmith- Forever Endeavour
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Label: Warner

Ron Sexsmith delved into pop territory with Bob Rock (producer of Aerosmith, Metallica)  in 2011’s Long Player Late Bloomer. While it was an okay album, it was forgettable and lost some of that Sexsmith charm. It was missing honesty and the trademark organic feel.

Thankfully for his thirteenth album, Forever Endeavour, he reunited with long-time producer Mitchell Froom (whom I hope he will never part with again) and he returns to his loveable roots. Opening with the French horn brightened “No Where To Go”, Sexsmith shows his natural ability to write charmingly poetic songs. I mean who else can rhyme lower with lawn mower and make it sound gorgeous?

If after 13 albums it was possible to be more personal, than Forever Endeavour proved that it could. After having a cancer scare because of a lump in his throat, Sexsmith explores the fragility of life in songs such as “Deepens in Time” and “The Morning Light”. He also falls out of (“Me Myself and Wine” ) and in love again (“She Does My Heart Good”).

French horns, strings, guitar, hand drumming and more accompany him in Forever Endeavour in a way that doesn’t inhibit his singing. The album is definitely all about the lyrics as heard in the lovely “Blind Eye”.

Just because he left the pop world, does not mean that this album lacks upbeat moments. “Snake Road” has a jazzy feel as he says goodbye to bad advice. “Snake Out The Back Door” is a playful take on getting out of awkward situations.  “Lost In Thought’ has a classic feel, like something you would find in a Disney movie.

Like the title of this album, I hope Ron Sexsmith’s classic music making is a “Forever Endeavour” and he continues to make music like this for a long time.