[Album Review] The Shilohs- So Wild
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by Tiana Feng


Release Date: February 5th, 2013
Label: Light Organ Records

Vancouver indie-rockers The Shilohs unleashed to the world “So Wild” today. The album purposely borrows from classic riffs of the 1960s ala The Byrds, The Beatles and more to make music about the cliché topic of love.

The result is something that somewhat unoriginal, forgettable even which is not something a band should want to achieve with a debut LP. The world doesn’t really need another Black Keys or The Sheepdogs. “The Place Where Nobody Goes I Go” , “Airliner Man” or “Man of the Times” contain the type of captivating melodies that may land themselves placement selling cars.

I don’t know why “LA” starts off with someone asking for water. It sounded like they are trying to be intimate before some Beatles-esque vocal harmonized tune. Or a desperate attempt to be “indie” in a very radio-rock album.

I miss the freedom that The Shilohs had in their previously released 7″ Private Lives/English Roads. There was less restrain then.