by Tiana Feng
Menalon ft. Little Scream @ The Garrison 01/19/2013
Yesterday, I attended a TEDxOCADU fundraiser that raised funds for future TED events and showcased local Canadian talent. Headlining the night was The Magic (as a full band) but unfortunately I had to leave early so I caught Menalon ft. Little Scream, Sandman Viper Command and Kashka.
Kashka @ The Garrison 01/19/2013
Opening the night was Kashka the project of Forest City Lover’s Kat Burns. She ran the keyboard and electronic bits and was accompanied by a guitarist. The duo played through selected songs from their recent release Vichada and OCAD students were already up front and dancing.
Sandman Viper Command @ The Garrison 01/19/2013
Sandman Viper Command added a little different touch to their night playing some indie-rock. Vocalist Rob Janson, always takes the stage like a season veteran and the night was no different. I swear they added a keyboardist because the group is a lot larger than I remember.
Menalon ft. Little Scream @ The Garrison 01/19/2013
I haven’t heard too much from Little Scream since her beautiful 2011 record The Golden Record. Menalon ft. Little Scream is an electronic project and last night was their first performance together. Unfortunately there was some technical difficulties with their beat making machines. Despite this Laurel Sprengelmeyer kept the audience engaged using her foot to make up her own beats. In all honestly, I’d rather hear Little Scream sing than have her voice get buried under electronics.