by Tiana Feng
There are still more lists to come, but I decided to post the one you guys are all waiting for. Here are our Top 20 Canadian Albums of 2012.

20. The Zolas- Ancient Mars
(Light Organ)
The Zolas released a viral video with Knot In My Heart, but their entire Ancient Mars album should not be brushed off. Sharp hooks are blanketed by instrumental reverbs that occasionally pause so the listener can be serenaded by keyboard. Zachary Gray’s lovely unhurried vocals are mixed in with the perfect amount of production, much thanks to Chuck Brody who has worked with artists such as Ra Ra Riot and Tegan and Sara.
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19. The Luyas- Animator
(Dead Oceans/ Paper Bag Records)
Instrumentally lush, saying The LuyasAnimator is beautiful would be an understatement. Borrowing strings from Arcade Fire’s Sarah Neufield a lush atmosphere is created around Jessie Stein’s sweet innocent vocals. Dealing with topics of grief and loss, the album is somewhat gloomy but they let the music do all the brooding. There are cleverly unsettling moments where things are dissonant, out of tune even to be later led into a perfect resolution.

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