4. Purity Ring @ Wrongbar- NXNE 6/14/2012
Purity Ring @ Wrongbar 06/14/2012
Me and Nash stood 3 hours at the front of the stage anticipating the much talked about Purity Ring set. It was worth the wait to see the strange glowing orbs which also doubled as a programmed synth instrument of some sort. Megan James’ vocals were just as glitchy and were manipulated live as their set went on.

3. July Talk @ The Horseshoe- 10/19/2012
July Talk @ Horseshoe Tavern 10/19/2012
Raspy voice Peter Dreimanis and the sweet tones of Leah Fay captivated the audience with their plays of masculinity vs. femininity, love vs. hate.  Not to mention their songs are so earwormingly catchy.

2. Cloud Nothings @ Lee’s Palace- CMW 03/29/2012
Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace 03/23/2012
I don’t do drugs and I don’t think I was even drinking that night but I was totally in a sort of psychedelic trance during Cloud Nothings set at CMW. I had taken a dive that night to see a band I had only known about from bloggers, but hadn’t actually heard and I fell in love. Me and Ming from Photogmusic were trapped in the front mosh pit front and centre protecting our cameras but having the time of our lives as we smashed into the weird bar at Lee’s.
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