by Tiana Feng

Happy New Year from Ride the Tempo!

Looks like the world didn’t end and we made it to 2013. Yay!  Happy New Year. Thank you all for sticking with us for almost three years.  Anyways, I wanted to announce a couple of exciting new changes and things coming up in 2013.

Album Reviews
Last year, we tried to do video album reviews, but those not only took too much time to write/film/edit, looking back on them, they were kind of horrible. Therefore, we are bringing written album reviews which will provide an insightful look into this year’s new music. We’ll also be introducing a 5 star rating system.

In the past, all our posts focused around spreading an mp3 or track and we never really posted tour dates. This year we want to change that. We’ll keep you updated on the tours of your favourite Canadian artists when possible since there is no greater experience than live performances.

Youtube Videos
You won’t see any of those weird album reviews, but we will have more live concert videos, interviews and I have an idea for an original series I want to try with bands.

There has always been contributors to Ride the Tempo, but this year you will see a bit more. Each one will have their own tastes on music, albums, concerts etc. We also hope to expand Canada wide so if you have a passion for Canadian music and happen to live in the west or mid-Canada, we’re always looking for more people.

This year the layout of the blog may change. Not sure what exactly is going to happen yet or when, but if you suddenly feel like you’ve been transported elsewhere, don’t worry, we have just changed the look.

There probably will be more cool things to come, but that’s what we’re sure of as of now. Depending on how my life flows, I may throw the first Ride the Tempo show in Toronto. Plus, we will have pump much more concert reviews, tracks etc from more Canadian talent.  Stay tuned this week for our Best of 2012 lists.