by Tiana Feng
Our album top lists aren’t going to appear until after the new year, but since I don’t think anybody is going to release a video within the next few days I thought I’d post our favourite Canadian music videos of 2012.

10. Grimes- Genesis

This video may be slightly weird (especially in the introduction), but I remembered it for the use of interesting manga inspired costumes.

9. Rococode- Ghost I/Ghost II

In this video Rococode integrates an interesting stop-motion style filming to perfectly meld two tracks which tell the tale of a deceased love one.

8. Purity Ring- Loftcries

Directed by AG Rojas, we follow different people as they illustrate how society has become desensitized to things that should disturb us.

7. The Elwins- Forgetful Assistance

The Elwins took over three months to create this video using 4 iPhones in a choreographed dance. It looks like an iPhone ad. For some strange reason the video has been removed by Youtube.

6. Young Empires- White Doves

Young Empires were the first to release a Facebook interactive video integrating photos of you and your best friend. The non-interactive version is above but you can still check out the Facebook connect version at

5. Slow Down Molasses- Bodies

Slow Down Molasses tells a story through paper art. Everything is so well lit. Oh yeah, it is also in 3D.

4. Rich Aucoin- Brian Wilson is A.L.i.V.I.

Rich Aucoin re-enacts the history of the Beach Boys in this video and seriously looks the part!

3. The Rest- Hey! For Horses

In this video you will find paper puppets in compromising positions… and then HORSES.

2. Indicator Indicator- My Love Don’t Belong

Spending $200, Sandy Taronno bought $5 a piece odd jobs from Fiverr to make this video.

1. The Zolas- Knot In My Heart

This video took over 4 hours of photographs just to get 10 seconds of video footage. It took over 3000 photographs and 6 nights of continuous filming to make this video.