by Tiana Feng
Yesterday night the fantastic dudes of Silent Shout hosted one of their lovely showcases at The Garrison. There were 4 acts on the bill but due to me needing to catch the bus, I only managed to see Saturns and Boss and Swan.
Starting the night was duo Boss & Swan, who were taking the stage for the first time ever. Stage presence wise they were still a tiny bit awkward but a background of projections helped. As well the vocals were clear, crisp and production wise could fit well into today’s top 40 music.

Saturns was really who I wanted to see that night, after missing opportunities to see them in the past. The tunes on their Bandcamp are much more pop than how they perform them live. Their set was reminiscence of Phedre and they even had a dancer of their own. Check out footage of them performing Dream Warrior below: