by Tiana Feng

It is no secret on the blog that I’m a huge electropop fan and one of my electro-pop blogs is Digits-run Silent Shout. Did you know they also have a concert series? Well their next one is on December 7th at the Garrison and features Ark Analog(duo of Maylee Todd and Dan Werb from Woodhands, Piper Davis, Boss and Swan and of course one of my favourite upcoming electronic acts SATURNS, who is celebrating their CD release. The night only cost $7 but if you are broke or just like free stuff, we’re giving away two pairs of tickets thanks to Silent Shout!

All you have to do to enter is tell us in the comments below if you were in an electropop project, what would your name be?.

Make sure to sign in with FB/Twitter before you comment so we know how to find you. You can also enter by answering us when we tweet or facebook the question!

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