by Tiana Feng
Digits @ Steam Whistle Unsigned #24 11/16/2012
Friday was another edition of Steam Whistle Unsigned. This time it featured Beta Frontiers, Digits and Babe.

Beta Frontiers @ Steam Whistle Unsigned #24 11/16/2012
Opening up the night was lo-fi electronic duo Beta Frontiers. They played a much longer set than the last time I saw them with projections that were in sync with the music. There were giant boobies and other vintage videos. The melodies of their tunes are pretty earwormy and I had a few of them stuck in my head this weekend.

Babe @ Steam Whistle Unsigned #24 11/16/2012
Next was alt-rock band Babe who was also celebrating the release of their latest record. To be honest I thought they were a bit awkward stage presence wise. They brought in tons of young fans who had specifically came to see them.

Digits @ Steam Whistle Unsigned #24 11/16/2012
The act I was most excited to see this time was Digits. I had been a fan of him since I discovered a few tunes on his website but by then he was on his way to the UK. Well now he’s back and releasing the zombie apocalypse story album. He played a few new tunes, but the majority were older songs including my favourite Lost Dream. I love that he mixes live, including using a home made pedal made out of an old keyboard. There were a few technically difficulties with his Macbook but he handled them smoothly. He has such a modest persona in a way that makes me want to be his friend!