by Tiana Feng
Plants and Animals @ The Great Hall 11/15/2012
On Thursday I saw Suuns and Plants and Animals live at the Great Hall. It was a weird night because songkick had told me Deep Dark Woods and Parlovr were also playing but they were wrong and it led to a ton of unnecessary confusion.
Suuns @ The Great Hall 11/15/2012
Suuns opened the night with a bunch of new songs that I didn’t recognize from their past release Zeroes. New material had just been previewed on blogs the day before and there was a decent amount of people in the Great Hall (including me) who came to see the opener. The band closed with one of my favourite old songs, the driving track Arena.
Suuns- Arena

Plants and Animals @ The Great Hall 11/15/2012
As I mentioned above, I thought there were 3 openers and THEN Plants & Animals. However there was not. I had not seen Plants & Animals previously or was very familiar with their newer material so I didn’t realize they were on. Instead I grew increasingly agitated thinking that a second opener (who I assumed was Deep Dark Woods) was playing an hour and a half set after setting up for 50 minutes. Oops. My mistake, it was the band. They played with great energy on stage and had quite a rabid fanbase including a random drunk girl who jumped on stage and started dancing around with the lead singer. It was kind of awkward. I was a bit sick this weekend so I thought to just leave instead of deal with a drunk crowd. Only after I left did I realize that was actually Plants & Animals.
Plants and Animals- Song for Love