by Tiana Feng
Fucked Up @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
On Friday, Exclaim! held their 20th anniversary party on the same night as part 1 of Fucked Up‘s Long Winter series. The series exists to help us all to feel a little happier as the cold weather approaches.

Unfinished Business @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
Beginning the night was little kid band Unfinished Business. I thought their name sounded familiar because I had seen them during NXNE. This time they even had a song that abused the F word. Badass little kids. Josh from Fucked Up is a huge fan of the band according to this BlogTO interview.

Pudu Feck and Onno @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
Next in the side room was Pudu Feck and Onno. It started out great, but then 10 minutes later they were still jamming to the same song. I would have liked shorter songs with more variation. Plus, I had drank too many beers earlier in the night to have the attention span for one huge long instrumental song.

Cell Memory and Castle If @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
Castle If had the same sort of problem as Pudu Feck and Onno. They also played one very long song. It was droney with very little variation. I posted the track below a few days ago because I actually really liked it, but I think the live act has to work a little bit more on their performance.
Castle If- Music For Pale People

DIANA @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
The act I was most excited to see Friday was DIANA which consists of Carmen Elle from Army Girls and Joseph Sabason from Destroyer. Their set definitely made up for the two that preceded. DIANA had blown up due to blogger hype, and on the Great Hall stage they showed they deserved it. Carmen Elle is a great performer and she brought some Army Girls antics (such as raising the guitar) to DIANA. They finished their set with the track that blew up online, Born Again.

Fucked Up @ The Great Hall 11/09/2012
Last but not least, Fucked Up closed the show. In the other room, clones of the band which the deemed “Faked Up” were performing Fucked Up songs at the same time. I wish I had left in time to see the fake band because I heard they were really good. Well, I had to settle for the real thing, and it was crazy in the front. Damian would stick the mic in everyone’s face so they could sing along. I also avoided getting crushed by him as he crowd surfed. He even climbed The Great Hall railings so people on the top could join the fun. The band will sure make the long winter months exciting. I’m hoping the next installment will have Ben Cook’s Yacht Club.
Fucked Up- Queen Of Hearts