by Tiana Feng
Escort @ The Horseshoe 11/10/2012
Despite quite the busy couple of days I still decided to go out Saturday. This is a Canadian blog, and I’m a huge fan of Canadian music but once in a while, I’ll go see something that doesn’t fall into that category. Yesterday, I checked out New York City’s Escort while the rest of Toronto was probably at the Darcys.
The Soul Motivators @ The Horseshoe 11/10/2012
It was disco-funk night at the Horseshoe and opening up the night was The Soul Motivators from Toronto. There were 9 people on stage playing soul music as people warmed up to the dance floor.

Escort @ The Horseshoe 11/10/2012
NYC’s Escort are known to bring anywhere between 5-17 members on stage at a time. Last night they had five with a drummer multitasking on many percussion instruments (including a beer bottle). Adeline Michèle took charge of the vocals and was the main center of attention the whole night. People were not shy about dancing on the Horseshoe floor, though I was probably one of the youngest attendees of the night. I kind of wished all 17 members could have crossed the border to Canada, but with the 5 members they had they still had a huge retro dance sound.